My focus has been on capturing interesting behaviors and poses that make subjects come alive, although they rarely choose to follow my instructions for modeling. Dave and Pat Grainger live in Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington.

These images were made over a number of years; as a consequence, cameras have been updated periodically. My latest is a Nikon D-850, coupled with several lenses. I find that I use a Nikkor 28-300 or a Nikkor 80-400 most of the time. Due to the realities of bird photography, I rarely use a tripod, preferring the lighter load of just camera and lens, with a Cotton Carrier socketed vest, shooting high ISO and high shutter speed. This combination stops wings in motion, and does not require a team of Sherpas to schlepp my gear around as would be the case with bigger glass. Every bird photograph is always a happy unforeseen surprise, rarely permitting setup of a tripod.

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   ~~ Birds by Dave Carefully Created by Hal Singer ~~