Welling up from pursuit by predators below and aggregating into tight schools, small fish escaping, discover waiting gulls eager to snap 'em out of the water. This food riot for that bait-ball includes several different species of gulls. Also hunting those same fish are Puffins and Rhinoceros Auklets, who hunt individually, circling and diving, Pelicans like this image of a White Pelican cruise in strings of several, dive from a height with great force to scoop up dinner. This is a male Pelican with his seasonal breeding spur on top of his bill. Rhino Auklets and Puffins remain out at sea except for breeding time, when they come ashore to dig tunnels for nests, flying out to fish during the day for food for hungry chicks. When the chicks are ready to fledge, never having seen daylight, they are abandoned by their parents, who fly back to sea for seven months. After unsuccessfully calling for breakfast, the hungry babies literally scramble out of the dark tunnel to the cliff face and fall off the edge, miraculously figuring out how to fly before impact. Auklets are sometimes called "the fourth Puffin" and are related. That spur on top of his head is the reason for his moniker.


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   ~~ Birds by Dave Carefully Created by Hal Singer ~~