Waterfowl Wading Avocets and Greater Yellowlegs, Eared Grebe casting a wary red eye 200' to my lens, Drifting Loon, gliding Ibis with shadow and reflection, Barrow's Goldeneye pair, a Cinnamon Teal, bird-formerly-known-as American Dipper now called Water Ousel, Mallard family pictures... a catchall album indeed. Note "Chaos on runway 9", which is a group of Common Goldeneye taking off. Note, also, the Snow Geese takeoff! Fir Island on the Skagit River Delta near LaConnor, WA, is a wintering-over spot for large flocks of Snow Geese and Trumpeter Swans. This flock of tens of thousands was walking all in one direction, eating grass, which means that birds in the back were not finding any, so there was a constant somersaulting by flight by back-most rows up to the front. Upon a warning signal about predators, such as eagles, hawks, or shotgun toting farmhands, there is a quick snap of all heads in one direction, then a simultaneous takeoff. I had camera pointing in direction expected and started a burst of frames as soon as that head snap occurred, got this nice shot. Note grass in beak of one bird! Aargh! 


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   ~~ Birds by Dave Carefully Created by Hal Singer ~~